Just Wonderin’

The most shared headline, #1 on today’s NYDaily News online: Packaged Salad Mix Named as Source of Severe Stomach Virus. It seems that 21 people have been hospitalized over 11 states due to eating prepackaged salad contaminated with cyclospora virus. Cyclospora causes “traveller’s diarrhea” that can last up to 6 weeks and relapse later if untreated. As with any illness like this, it can be dangerous for the immunocompromised population (source), but generally it does not lead to serious complications.

Way down at #5 on the same list is the headline that 50,000 pounds of ground beef has been recalled due to E.coli bacteria. E.coli is known to kill 3-5 percent of people affected by it. Possible lifelong complications include blindness, kidney failure, or paralysis. Within the beef article it also notes that last month, 23,000 pounds of E.coli tainted beef was recalled, and within the salad article is a link to information that “Consumer Reports tested 257 samples of ground turkey from 21 states and found 90 percent were contaminated with germs such as E.coli and staph, as well as fecal bacteria” (link).

Which one do you think is the bigger story?