Plugging in to the Plan

Last post I talked about success at New Year’s Resolutions. This is a very quick illustration of how I am putting the plan to work for me.

Step one- Set Your Resolution as a Goal.

My goal is healthy weight loss, and it will have two parts to it. The part I will “plug in” here is the diet part. (Exercise is already in place, though I will be tweaking that later).

Going by my “SMART” parameters:
S – specific, stepped, significant, stretching
M – measurable, meaningful, motivational
A – agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented
R – realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented
T – time-based, timely, tangible, trackable

Specifically (and measurably), I am aiming at an even 150 lbs.
This is indeed attainable, reasonable, and trackable, and by setting out my diet plans and tools, it will be action-oriented.

There, that part was simple (I could detail it a bit better, but it will become clearer as I fill out step two and three)

Step Two- Plan for the Goal.
Part One- Check out the research on what has worked for other people:
After comparing Canada’s food guide, a vegan food pyramid, and Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine’s Power Plate, and reading literature about them, I will be basing my diet on PCRM’s Vegan Power Plate.

Part Two- Figure out what has worked for me in the past: In the past, I have found the two most important parts of eating well to lose weight are to never let myself go hungry, and to stay completely away from processed foods. When I get hungry I become like a nicotine addict seeking the next cigarette, and all thoughts of real food go out the window as I urgently seek something fatty and chemical-filled. What the heck do they put in processed foods anyway to make this happen? Willpower holds me off for a while but all too soon it is game over. Then I have to go cold turkey again as I continue to experience cravings for processed foods for the next few days (often at the exact same time of day). If I keep well-enough fed on good food I don’t experience these cravings at all, but it definitely takes careful planning to stay out of that cycle.

Step Three- Prepare for Success.
Set up my tools and supports:
I will be relying on three things in particular for this step. First, my online diet/exercise tracker (which goes back to the “T” in my SMART goal). This is a well-known technique for dieting success, in large part because it makes you eat and exercise more mindfully. There are many different free programs, and it is not a bad idea to sign up for a few and then after a few weeks drop the extras and keep up the one that seems to offer the ease and features that fit your lifestyle best.

I will also be modifying and using an old visual template that I used to use to plan meals for the week. When I get it completed, I will post it on the blog. The old template was based on an older food pyramid, so I want to update and improve it before sharing.

The final step is to create a backup plan for days or weeks that knock me off track. It will consist of “emergency” foods, meals, and strategies that will be posted in my kitchen. I will also share it as it is developed.



That’s it for now. Easy-peasy plugin.