Cooking Club Chronicles Update (With a Bonus Double Duty Recipe Twist): Part Two

After all my talk about how our last cooking club failed because there were people who just weren’t committed, I was the jamtart at the last meeting. It was at my house and the last few weeks I have been in what I call crisis mode, when I’m so busy that I can just think about the next hour or so. I use detailed lists for my every move to make sure I get some regular tasks done in between dealing with the real crises at work. Sometimes when I really need some relief I begin my lists with “write list” as my number one task, so I have something I can cross off immediately as done. It provides some “Toad” perspective and helps me to me slow down and smile.

Anyway, crisis mode does make the work week fly by, but also tends to result in a house I’d be ashamed to let people in. Which reminds me of a true story. A good friend of mine came home one day to find her door kicked in. After checking the house, a police officer came out and told her that it was safe to enter, but unfortunately the crook had ransacked the place. He was very kind and sympathetic as they went in to the house together so she could tell him what had been stolen, and she was horrified to see that things looked just the same as they had when had left it that morning. In fact, since the thief had taken her husband’s electronics and games which had been strewn around the living room, it was marginally cleaner! When my house gets to the state it was in last week, I think of how humiliating it would be to have to admit to the police that it is not the result of a crime.

So that’s my excuse for why, instead of prepping for cooking club, I did a really good houseclean. It was a nice foodsafe kitchen we worked in, but my recipe choices were a little last minute and based on what I actually had on hand. Even so, they turned out to be pretty darned good, and when I combined Marg’s recipe with one of mine I got the bonus of another “double duty” recipe set.

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Double-Duty Dinners: Chili/Wraps

Some weeks I know in advance there won’t be a minute to spare, so I like to play a game by giving myself points for planning super easy dinners that can be eaten over a few days. Bonus points if I don’t have any pans to wash, and more bonus points if I can get a lunch or two out of them. Oh yeah, points are lost for exact repeats, and points are doubled if the family wants seconds on the second day. Today I will share with you one of my highscore DDD recipe sets.

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