What I Miss About Meat (And What I Do About It)

The other day I encountered an unexpected pleasure that made me think about some of the inconveniences of eating a meat-free diet. I am an itinerant counsellor for a school district, and school staffs often arrange potluck lunch days for their celebrations. If I happen to be in their school on one of those days, I am usually kindly asked to join them for lunch. However, typically most of the dishes are meat-based so they are out for me.

But the other day a school’s staff asked me to join them for their potluck salad and dessert bar lunch! Although I love my FITR salads, it can sometimes be hard to sit among all the great smells and sights of staff potlucks and eat a cold salad. It was such a treat to see all the delicious fruits and veggies made into colourful dishes, and I even found a source for a new mouthwatering quinoa salad recipe (thanks Cindi!). In retrospect, I realized it was the first time that I felt really “part of” the staff celebrations, and that led me to think of some of the other things I miss about eating meat.

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Emotions, Eating, and Weight Control

Bento by Jo

I see it again and again- weightloss advice that talks about curbing your emotions, or “conquering emotional eating”. Articles talk about how emotional eating can “sabotage” your efforts at weightloss, and give advice for how to regain control when you break down in weak moments. The advice usually involves some method of distracting yourself from your feelings, or fooling your perceptions. This is just plain wrong thinking on several levels, and it actually increases the likelihood of weight gain. I will tell you why you need to do exactly the opposite if you want to lose or maintain weight.

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