Well, stuff happens and I’m sorry that I’ve had a bit of a break in my posts, but I’m back now. I had a few health struggles at the same time as some large changes at my daytime workplace and it was really all I could cope with. I was very fortunate because in the end it was just a good scare and a warning to keep working on my health. Someday I may write a post about it, but for now I am just happy to get back to some regular blogging.

I’m working on a few small changes to the blog, including getting a proper recipe finder installed to make it easier to plan for meals. Also, because I lost track of where I am with my mileage counter for the “2013 in 2013” challenge, I will be suspending that challenge for now. However, I will still be fundraising for West Coast Assistance Teams throughout this year, so please check them out. More to come soon!


6 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Oh good! ‘Cause now I’m following you..I think this reply is going to Jo, not Marg, who has a message above this one..? . I’m not following you Marg…but then again, maybe I am. (strange and creepy ?)..

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