More Fun Charity Sites

by Dominic’s pics

I have been enjoying seeing how people are raising money creatively, so I thought I would round up a few more of my favourites to inspire us all to keep thinking outside the box when we look to give back. After all, why shouldn’t we have fun while we do good?

First is a yearly event in Canada that is happening two days from now. It is done with humour and originality (although it does rely a bit on old stereotypes- still, I believe the intent softens that). This Thursday is National Sweater Day, when we are all encouraged to turn the heat down and put on our favourite sweaters to help the World Wildlife Federation take action against climate change. And to help us remember, they have a group of very funny grannies that you can book to call and remind you (or for more fun, you can book one to call one of your unsuspecting friends). Watch some of the grannies in action HERE and book your call.

Second is an inspiring site called Tim’s Running Reviews. Tim is working to raise money for The Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. To do this, he is hosting a virtual 5K race. Read all about it on his blog HERE. You might not be able to resist joining in and doing his virtual 5K!

And the third one that has come across my page lately is Moolta. This is a site that challenges people to do very silly things to raise money for charity. The types of challenges would (generally) likely appeal more to younger people- some are a bit baffling to me- but I loved the most recent post HERE, all about Rag Week. Rag week seems to be a British tradition for university students, who spend the week doing quite funny things to raise money for charity. I think rag week is a tradition that should move across the pond, don’t you?

So much fun to do so much good! It makes me smile and giggle. What can be better?


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