Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year (Hoppin’ John Hack)

You know those emails that start out really nice, asking you if you want to be rich, and then they unexpectedly turn mean and tell you to forward the email on to 27 friends or you will have bad luck until the cows come home? Well, Hoppin’ John is not like that. It is a dish made with black-eyed peas and rice, and according to stories from the American South, if you eat it on January first you will have prosperity through the year. But you can still share it with 27 friends if you want.


At its base, Hoppin’ John is simply black-eyes peas and rice, and is often served with collard or other greens. Some people like to eat it piping hot at the stroke of midnight, but your wealth is assured as long as you eat it some time on January 1. Since black-eyed peas require no pre-soaking, it is a super easy dish to whip up (perfect if you’ve celebrated a bit too much bringing in the new year). I had leftover pepper pot soup, so I made the easiest cooking hack in history and still ensured that I’ll be rolling in the bounty in 2013.

Rice Cooker Hoppin’ John
(12-18 servings)

– 1 cup/measure of black-eyed peas, rinsed100_3960
– 3 cups/measures of rice, rinsed
– Leftover soup, or water/ broth and, if you like, chopped veggies (fast cooking or cooked).

– Put the black-eyed peas and rice in the rice cooker.100_3976
– Add soup, water or broth to the 4 cup/measure line.
– Throw in some veggies if you want them (unless they are already in the soup).
– Turn on the rice cooker. Done!

Because my soup had soaked up so much of the liquid, I added a bit more water to compensate. It turned out perfectly with so little fuss. Many rice cookers have a timer to delay the 100_3978start of cooking so you could even throw all the ingredients in, go take a nap, and wake to the dish cooking (and only the rice cooker to clean). If you want to quickly sauté some greens on the side, you have a meal worth a bundle of nutritional gold- great to start you on those resolutions for the year. (And if you are a chile head like me, you will find that a squirt or two of Sriracha puts it over the top- superb).



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