Last Minute Gifts- Popcorn Flavours- Earthquake (Furikake) Popcorn


Between sampling the Nanaimo Bars and the VI Popcorn for my last two posts, I was ready for something a little less sweet for my other popcorn flavours. I also wanted to add something to the gifts we’d got for my daughter’s kung-fu sifu and his wife. I don’t know their tastes very well, but I do know that they like sushi, and it just so happened that I had recently picked up some new flavours of furikake- a flavoured mix of seaweed flakes, spices, and other dried natural flavourings. Furikake is usually eaten sprinkled on rice, but we use it on all sorts of things. If you cannot get it where you live, you can mix your own with crushed seaweed and other flavourings (herbs and spices, dried salmon flakes, etc)

I thought I had invented a new popcorn idea, but I gave it a quick google and discovered similar things have been done before. In Hawaii they also add rice crackers and call it hurricane popcorn (I’m not sure why- maybe it was invented after a hurricane when someone had nothing else left in their cupboards?) I don’t know if there is a particular furikake flavour they use, but I decided just to make an assortment, and I cribbed their idea and added rice crackers to one. Since we don’t worry so much about hurricanes on the West Coast, and since this popcorn will rock your world (especially the version with wasabi furikake and wasabi peas), I decided to call my version “earthquake popcorn”.

The recipe couldn’t be easier:

Earthquake Popcorn

– Popped popcorn
– Furikake
– Olive oil
– Light oil (such as canola)- optional
– Salt to taste- optional
– Other goodies ( rice crackers, dried shrimp, wasabi peas, sesame seeds, etc.)


shiso fumi furikake and rice crackers

– Drizzle a (very) small amount of olive oil over the cooked popcorn and stir it up. The oil is just to help the furikake to stick to the popcorn, so you may want to mix it half and half with a lighter oil, or leave it out altogether if you are using popcorn that has been freshly cooked in oil. Use your own culinary discretion and taste buds.

– Sprinkle on the furikake and stir to coat the popcorn. Add a small bit of salt if needed- again, to your own taste.
– Mix in some other goodies if desired. I’ve listed a few ideas above, but I’d love to hear what other variations you come up with- please do share.


wasabi bonito furikake & wasabi peas


pickled umi furikake & nori


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