Cabbage Double Duty Dinner Meals- Part Four (Asian Cabbage Soup)

This is the last post of a series.
In part one I gave the recipe for a yummy cabbage salad. You will need that salad for the other meals. The entire DDD plan is as follows:
Day 1: dinner- cabbage salad.
Day 2: lunch- cabbage salad, dinner- salad rolls.
Day 3: lunch- salad rolls, dinner- Chinese(ish) food with chow mein.
Day 4: lunch- Chinese(ish) food, dinner- Asian cabbage soup.

Day 4.
Lunch– Leftover Chinese foods from last night.

Dinner- Asian Cabbage Soup.
Again, this is not strictly an authentic Asian recipe, but it is reminiscent of that style. It is the easiest meal of all the days.

1 Litre vegetable broth
Leftover cabbage salad (with dressing, veggies, and noodles mixed in)
Optional- Leftover tofu from salad rolls (this time I served it on the side, I could have put it in the soup too).

-Put all ingredients in a pan and bring to a boil. Simmer for a few minutes until veggies are bright and crisp-soft.
-Serve with any sides or toppings you would enjoy.
-As a variation you could add in some wontons or other noodles.
And that is it! The dressing provides extra seasoning to create a surprisingly good broth-based soup in seconds. And that is also the end of a good large head of cabbage,  with superfood meals for a week.

OK- time to add up my 4-day score in my DDD game (rules in this post):
4 points for the dinners, 2 bonus points for no pans on the first two days, 0 points for the lunches (all repeats but mighty fine anyway). 6 points. Points are doubled because everyone has seconds (and sometimes thirds) on the salad rolls and the soup. Final result is a 12-point game. I`ll take it! (and really I should have “bonus-bonus” points for the easiest, fastest healthy meals ever, and for having my children ask for more cabbage).


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