Cabbage Double Duty Dinner Meals- Part Three (Chow Mein)

In part one I gave the recipe for a yummy cabbage salad. You will need that salad for the other meals. The entire DDD plan is as follows:
Day 1: dinner– cabbage salad.
Day 2: lunch– cabbage salad; dinner– salad rolls.
Day 3: lunch– salad rolls; dinner– Chinese(ish) food with chow mein.
Day 4: lunch– Chinese(ish) food; dinner– Asian cabbage soup.

Day 3.
Lunch- Cold salad rolls (pre-made at last night’s dinner) with other accompaniments as desired.

Dinner- Chow mein with Chinese side dishes.
This is another super easy, unbelievably good meal.

Leftover mixed cabbage salad
Remainder of the chopped cabbage, veggies, dry noodles, and dressing.
Other leftover veggies (from salad rolls, etc)
Optional- 1 cup of fresh bean sprouts
Optional- store bought jiaozi/potstickers or other side dishes
Cooked rice (enough for the family)

-If you have time, stop in on the way home from work and grab some fresh bean sprouts and veggie jiaozi. (Also known as potstickers or gyoza for the Japanese version). Or any other Chinese dishes you and your family like to eat with chow mein. Or make your own favourite side dishes to go with it- there are no rules here.
-Cook enough rice for the family in your rice cooker or stovetop.
-By now you have likely nearly eaten all the mixed salad, but remember the cabbage and veggies (container 2) from day one? Take that container out of the fridge and add it to the leftover salad along with any leftover cut veggies from the salad rolls, and the bean sprouts (if you picked them up. If not, never mind). Add in the leftover dressing, and mix. (Put aside the leftover noodles/nuts).
-Throw half of the newly refreshed salad in a wok or frying pan. Put the other half in the fridge. Stir and cook over high heat. The veggies will cook quickly and the dressing will thicken and become sauce. If necessary, you can help to thicken it with a tablespoon of cornstarch mixed into 1/4 cup of cold water. Cook only until the veggies are bright and still have some crispness.
-Top with the leftover noodle/nut mixture and serve with the rice and jiaozi. I also served the leftover tofu in teriyaki sauce (I know- not strictly Chinese but it was good, and this version of chow mein is not traditional Chinese either).
– Pack up the leftovers ready to go for tomorrow`s lunch.


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