Cabbage Double Duty Dinner Meals- Part Two (Salad Rolls)

(continued from part one- of course)
In part one I gave the recipe for a yummy cabbage salad. You will need that salad for the other meals. This entire DDD plan is as follows:
Day 1: dinner- cabbage salad.
Day 2: lunch- cabbage salad, dinner- salad rolls.
Day 3: lunch- salad rolls, dinner- Chinese(ish) food with chow mein.
Day 4: lunch- Chinese(ish) food, dinner- Asian cabbage soup.

Day Two-
Lunch is self-explanatory. Just take some of the leftover cabbage salad. You can have it as is, or add it on top of some lettuce salad. You can also take some extra chow mein noodles for a bit of crunch. I haven’t explained yet just how good this salad is. People who don’t like cabbage will like this salad. People who like cabbage will love this salad. The combination of the hot cabbage and onions with the salty umami soy sauce and soup seasoning is very “moreish” as we say in our house. The noodles and the nuts and seeds make it hearty and filling. Nobody complains about having the salad two days running.

Dinner- Salad Rolls

This is about the easiest dinner ever, and kids love it.
– Simply pull out the leftover cabbage salad (which will be getting quite soft and marinated by now, but also nutty and salty). Also set the table with the other veggies you pre-sliced yesterday. I try and make sure to have lots of crunch and colors, so I like to have radishes or red peppers, yellow peppers, carrots, and green veggies. Usually I will also put out
other items to add to the rolls- noodles, sauces, dense proteins
like tofu, etc.This time I added tofu marinated in teriyaki sauce for a little sweet to the salty. Non-vegans could add prawns or chicken I suppose.
– Also put out dried rice paper wraps and a large dish of water. The family each wets a wrap and lays it on their plate. Then they add whichever ingredients they like, fold
in the ends, and roll them up. They stick shut easily. Eat
with dips and sides- this time I quickly baked a squash and
steamed a little pre-cut broccoli.
– Be sure everyone remembers to make one or two extra rolls to put in their lunch the next day. Simply put them in a sealed container or wrap them individually in cling wrap to keep them moist. The crunchy veggies stay crunchy and they will still be bursting with flavour the next day at lunchtime as long as they are kept sealed and refrigerated.


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