I’m Too Healthy for My Meds, Too Healthy for My Meds, Too Heal-thy (Apologies to Right Said Fred)

I thought I was on the right track- trying to eat vegan, harder and harder workouts, entering road races, losing weight- yeah, nothing could stop me now. Then work got crazier than ever and I got sick, skipped a few workouts, felt tired out and started looking for sugar fixes now and then to give me some energy. Skipped a few more workouts.

After my dog, Patch, died I thought maybe I’d lost interest because I was grieving. I gave it a little rest and then began pushing myself again. But then my heart started thumping in a disconcerting way at odd times. I didn’t have pain and exercise did not seem to make it worse, so I thought maybe it was stress and grief together, but I made a doctor’s appointment to be prudent. At my next workout I felt dizzy but believed I could go on. My trainer believed differently and cut it short when the colour drained from my face in front of her eyes. I was getting a little concerned, but I knew I had been healthier than I’d ever been for the past year, so it was more puzzling than concerning to me.

I went to my doctor’s appointment and she put the blood pressure cuff on as we chatted. I get the “white coat syndrome” (where my blood pressure goes higher in the doctor’s office because of nerves), so I do have a BP cuff at home, but I had not used it for a while. So I was not prepared to see my doctor’s eyes grow so wide as she checked the readings. It turns out that my blood pressure was way too low! I had lost weight and improved my cardio tremendously, but I had not adjusted my medications to match! She immediately took me off my diuretic pill and we will likely be adjusting the other one down when things stabilize a bit more. Definitely monitoring medication is something for us older people to remember when we improve our health through exercise and diet. I also went and had my blood tested for a few other things, but I already feel a whole lot better.

Just how much better do I feel? Well, I’ll show you- before my personal training session today I did a little warmup on one of the ecofit bikes at my gym. These devices are great- as you work, they actually capture some of the energy you generate and the gym uses it to power their air conditioning. They also give you continual stats and readouts, and even email your results to you. Since the system has only been recently installed, there have been a few glitches, but clearly they have now ironed them all out, as you will see. I will post my warmup here- check out my average speed! Yes, average speed. Which means my top speed must be a fair bit higher than that. Holy moley, I figure I must be back to full health and more with that kind of performance. Probably the only reason people didn’t stare is because I was such a blur that I might actually have been invisible. Yeah- feel free to call me the bullet.

Equipment Location Start Time Duration
Valley Health and Fitness 10:20 AM 00:23:41
Metrics 11/12/2012
Average Heart Rate 104.8 BPM
Average Speed 170.7 KM/H
Calories Burned 167 Calories
Power Generated 19.8 Watt Hours
Total Watts Generated 38.5 Watt Hours
Points Earned
Valley Health and Fitness Power Points 3

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