Cooking Club Chronicles

Yes, this is cooking club, version three. Actually, this was some of us at our planning meeting (me in red, with my very cool niece the long-distance runner). While we hiked Mt. Tzouhalem (Duncan, BC) last week we ironed out all the details of how this version will go, and I am so stoked about it I can hardly wait. So far there are four of us and this is how it will look:
Our planning meetings will take place on the fly, like this one. Talking and walking was fun. It got our creative juices flowing and feeding on each others’ ideas was exhilarating. This winter one of our planning meetings will happen while snowshoeing on the Northern part of Vancouver Island. How perfect will that be?

My sister and I at the top

We will meet at each member’s house in rotation to cook. Our cooking days will also begin with a shorter hike or other activity, then we’ll go back and each person will present one recipe. Then we will EAT the recipe and go home with full tummies and new ideas.

We have also decided to follow themes for each cooking day, to give us some focus and help us learn more about things we are exploring. Everything will be vegan of course, and the themes we came up with include flax (hey- I just blogged about this, didn’t I? And it is going to be our first theme- go figure). We also plan to look at egg substitutes, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, tofu, beans, gluten free, vegan desserts, burgers, mushrooms, quinoa, sprouts, lentils, and nuts. Lots to go on here.

Hey Look! A Fork in the Road!

So, we are ready to go. All we need is a name. Perhaps the “Dine and Dash” club?
We’d appreciate some name and theme ideas. Also, if you have stories and ideas about cooking clubs please drop me a line. I’d love to hear your experiences.


4 thoughts on “Cooking Club Chronicles

  1. What a great idea! My son is gluten & dairy free so I experiment a lot with recipes and actually is no hardship at all as there are so many interesting ingredients out there that I probably wouldnt have discovered otherwise. I bet you discover loads of new things in your club – Eating Frontiers?

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I agree there are more and more people who are going dairy and gluten free so there is so much more available now, and I love how people share their ideas online.

  2. Hi Jo – Great job your doing with healthy eating and exercise.

    Re: cooking club name: “Vigor with Vegan” OR “Vegan Vigor Club”

    This incorporates both healthy eating, mental & physical energy, plus the “V” grabs the viewers attention.. D’An Sent from my iPad

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