Blogging my Way Back to Childhood

Remember how we pictured adult life as a child? We were going to have so much more freedom; we could reach things on high shelves, go anywhere, eat anything, and stay up as late as we wanted. In other words, we would have the luxury of unrestricted choice in our lives. Kids think that kind of thing would make them deliriously happy.

Well, I’m in my fifties now and I started catching on that it isn’t ever going to be like that. So I had a decision to make; grow old and tired, my world growing ever narrower because I failed to reach my “kid” image of freedom, or change my definition of freedom to find the joy between life’s limits. I’m stubbornly resistant to the thought of merely disintegrating into old age, so I chose the second option. As I began to mindfully put it into practice, my contentment (and acceptance) grew and something else, unexpected and amazing, happened. The limits themselves opened up and possibilities increased.

Join me as I play with life’s possibilities. Together we can change all kinds of limits.


2 thoughts on “Blogging my Way Back to Childhood

    • Yup, I`m meeting people these days who say they are younger now than they were in their twenties. Every day an adventure if you let it be. (Or to quote you and Bogle- “I wouldn’t be dead for quids”.)

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