August Challenge

Current Short-term Challenge: Having discovered that I often need to “develop a taste for” fitness, I have begun to expand my exercise repertoire. Over this summer and fall, I aim to go through the entire alphabet, trying at least one sport, class, or exercise for each letter of the alphabet (I’d love some recommendations, especially for the harder letters of the alphabet). So far, I have tried (last update- Oct 12/12):
A- Aquacizes
B- Boxing Bootcamp (totally surprised to find I LOVE it! Jenn is my awesome instructor. I go every Tuesday now.), Belly dancing- hilarious fun, but couldn’t fit in with the schedule so only got one class in. Definitely want to catch this one next time around.
C- Cardio/Core Bootcamp
D- Dragon Boating (Read my post about this here)
E- Elliptical Machine
H- Hiking/Hillclimbing (Cobble Hill Mt. with my dau., Mt.Tzouhalem with my sis. & niece )
I – Interval Training (Sooo hard!)
K- Kung-Fu (Starting in late September) This was cancelled, will try the next set.
P- Personal Trainer (Weekly now- I love her but she’s tough as nails with me. If my muscles don’t hurt the next day she thinks I haven’t worked hard enough. Right Rachel?)
R- Running (gearing up for Did the Run for the Cure in September, and Victoria 8K in Oct.)
S- Spin Class (Yikes-This is hard, too, but the instructors- Emily and Rachel- add fun with games and music)
T- Tabata Training (Tried some of this in a spin class and also in a floor class)
W- Weight training, also walking (See my post about this summer’s walks here)
X- TRX class (Yeah that’s stretching it I know, but X is a hard letter to do)
Y- Yoga (2 kinds- gentle yoga, and slow flow yoga)
Z- Zumba (Hopeless, but getting less so, and lots of fun)

For anyone who wants to do this challenge, I have an A-Z list of sports and activities here. Let me know if there are more I should be adding, and tell me about your favourites. Some of my plans for fall include upcoming Kung-Fu self-defence classes, bellydancing classes (I’ve still got plenty of belly, might as well use it), and Monkido. I’d also love to do one of those adventure races, like a local version of Amazing Race, and a Color Me Rad race. And I hear quiddich teams are popping up all over. How much fun would that be?

Current Long-Term Challenge: I am still working on a long-term challenge that I began last September 18th. I will complete it soon, and tell you all about it then.

Pending Challenges: I have a new long-term physical challenge in mind, and a short-term mental challenge planned. I’ll announce them soon, too.


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