A-Z Activity List

A-Z Activity List

(Some activities are included under multiple letters- for obvious reasons). I’m on a steep learning curve with this blogging, but I hope to eventually turn this list into a template so that you can just click and drag activities to their own list. Until then, use this as a reference list for your own challenges, and drop me a message if you know of one I’ve missed putting on here. Links lead to my reviews of the activity.

A. aquacize, archery, agility (dogsports), adventure racing, adaptive sports
B. boxing, bungee, badminton, beach volleyball, basketball, baseball, belly dancing,  bootcamp classes, biathlon, broomball, biking, BMX biking
C. cycling, cardio bootcamp, canoeing, camping, caving, climbing, coastering, charity challenges, color racing, cricket, charity races
D. diving, dragon boating, disabled sports, dancing
E. elliptical, equestrian, extreme (anything), Extremity games
F. fencing, freestyle (dogsports), flyball, frisbee, football, fell running, firewalking
G. golf, grape stomping, gliding, geocaching, gymnastics, gocarting, golden age games
H. hiking, horseback riding, handball, horseshoes, hang gliding, hillwalking/running, hockey
I. ice skating, intervals, inline skating, ice sailing, ironman/woman, ice climbing
J. judo, jazzercise, jai alai, jumprope, juggling
K. Kung-Fu, kite flying, kayaking, kitesurfing, Kinect
L. luge, lawnbowling, lacrosse, landsailing
M. marching, mushing, monkido, mountain biking, mountaineering, martial arts
N. netball, nerf sports, Nintendo Wii sports
O. obstacle course, ocean rowing, orienteering, offroad biking, olympic sports
P. personal trainer, paintball, paragliding, parachuting, pickleball, pole dancing, paddleboarding, powerwalking, paddleboating, pentathlon, paralympic sports
Q. quick cricket, quoits, quad rollerskating, quiddich
R. rock climbing, ropes course, rollerskating, river rafting, rowing, rowing, rugby, road hockey, rally-o (canine sports)
S. spin class, swimming, sailing, skydiving, soccer, scuba, snorkel, spelunking, self-defense, skiing, snowboarding, skijouring, surfing, shinny, special olympics sports, skateboarding, senior games, singing
T. triathlon, tabata, treadmill, trampoline, treego, track and field, TRX
U. underwater anything (pumpkin carving, chess, etc), ultimate frisbee, unicycling
V. volleyball, vaulting (equine)
W. weights, walking, whitewater rafting/kayaking, windsurfing, water polo, wheelchair sports, wrestling, wii sports, wakeboarding
X. X-training, X-country (run/ski), TRX, X-Box Kinect, X Games
Y. yoga, yachting
Z. zumba, zipline, zorbing.


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